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Why List Your Coach On

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Your coach will be featured on its own web page complete with color photographs.

Talk Is Cheap

Unlike print advertising, we don't charge by word count. If you have a special GMC motorhome, you can tell the world all about it. Confusing abbreviations required to reduce word count are unnecessary on, and we actually discourage their use.

Location, Location, Location

Thousands of GMC enthusiasts are visiting each month. The "For Sale By Owner" pages consistently dominate the "Top Ten" most popular pages on the site. Since they are the entry point for many visitors to the site, it's obvious that the FSBO page has been bookmarked by many of our regular visitors.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your full page ad with color photos is just $45.00 a month, plus a one-time $15.00 setup fee.  Pay for two months in advance and we'll waive the setup fee.  Renewals are $45.00 a month if payment is received before the ad expires.  There is a $10.00 reinstatement fee for payments received after the ad expires.

How To List Your Coach

Complete the printable form and mail it with at least two (no more than four) good quality color photographs of your GMC motorhome and a check or money order for $60.00($45.00 for the first month plus the $15.00 one-time setup fee) or $90.00 for two months to take advantage of our free setup offer to:
110 Roscommon Court
Tyrone GA 30290

Ad submissions received without sufficient payment will be returned.

Regarding Phototgraphs

We recommend two "quartering" exterior views(left front and right rear) which show all four sides of your GMC and two interior views. Please be careful that exterior views are composed to show all the coach as illustrated below.


"Drug Store" color prints up to 4" x 6" work fine. Home printing on standard copy paper does not reproduce well. You can also submit digital photographs either on a CD or by email using the email address on our contact page. We are no longer able to use 3.5" diskettes. Digital photographs should be at least 640 x 480 in resolution, but there is little benefit from resolutions greater than that.

If you request, your photographs will be returned* to you with your renewal invoice approximately two weeks before your ad expires. However, the graphic file scans of your photographs become the property of

*Please note that we will not return CDs or photographs larger than 4" x 6".

When Will My Ad Appear

Your GMC motorhome will be listed on its own web page within two business days of the required information being received by We will try to meet requests to begin ads on a requested date when feasible. If incomplete information is received, this will delay your listing until the additional information is received. Please allow sufficient time for mailing as we've noted delivery delays of up to one week from date of postmark.

Renewing Your Ad

The listing will continue for one calendar month unless canceled by you. We will mail you renewal invoice approximately three weeks before your ad expires. If you desire, you may extend the listing period for an additional month by mailing your check or money order for an additional $45.00(US) using the payment envelope enclosed with your invoice. Ads will not be renewed without receipt of payment.

Cancelling Your Ad

Your ad can be cancelled at any time by notifying by email or phone. Please note that, once an ad is posted, the ad fee or any portion thereof will not be refunded.

Reinstating Your Ad

Ads allowed to expire may be reinstated by sending $45.00 plus a $10.00 reinstatement fee to the above address. We attempt to keep all ads and photographs on file, so often all that is needed to reinstate an ad is your check plus any changes. If you wish to reinstate your ad for two months, the reinstatement fee will be waived.

When Your Coach Sells

If your coach sells before the expiration of your ad, then, immediately upon your notifying by telephone or email, the contact information will be stripped from your add and a "Sold" graphic overlaid over the photograph scan for the next five days. This is done solely to let repeat visitors to know that your coach is no longer available.

Terms of Service

This service is available to individuals only. For the purpose of providing this service an individual will be allowed only one "For Sale By Owner" listing each six months. All other advertisers should check the Advertising Opportunites page for more information.

Nothing stated herein establishes a contract between and "For Sale By Owner" advertisers except an agreement to provide display advertising for the period specified. cannot guarantee either the accuracy of the ad or the condition of the coach. All sales are between the coach owner and buyer and under no condition will be party to the sale.

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