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GMC Motorhomes International Rally
Tom Johnson Rally Center
Marion, North Carolina
October 11 - 17, 1998

Typical of Fall weather in the North Carolina mountains, mornings dawned damp, cool and foggy. Nearly 400 GMC's had arrived by Sunday October 11.

By 7:00AM each morning, eager GMC'ers were already lined up for the breakfast of coffee, juice, fruit, bagels and donuts provided by GMCMI.

GMCnetters Dave Greenberg(left) and Jim Bounds(center) talk GMC's over breakfast with GMC full-timer Dallas Jensen.

To kick off the technical seminars, Fred Hudspeth leads the discussion on general maintenance issues. The maintenance section from the GMC Maintenance Manual and the Maintenance Schedule which originally came with each coach are the basis for this session. This sets the keynote for the individual specific maintenance seminars that will follow during the day.

Duane Simmons led the discussion of ignition system issues. The relative merits of the original GM points system and the later GM HEI(High Energy Ignition) system were delved into. In addition, common failure modes and diagnostic procedures were elaborated upon.

In the session on Internet services and the World Wide Web, GMCMI webmaster Max Rockafellow talks ISP's, DNS's, search engines, browsers and email programs. Due to the large amount of interest and diversity of experience levels, this program will hopefully be expanded into a series for the Myrtle Beach rally in March, 1999.

J.R. Slaten sells his stainless steel oil lines, teflon oil cooler hoses and air suspension valves in the afternoon "Flea Market".

The GMC Western States "tag team" of Zay Brand and Duane Simmons handle a session on air conditioning covering the idiosyncrasies and possible modifications of the many different variations of the GMC coach system.

Chuck Stoddard of Caspro leads a morning session on coach suspension and highway stability.

GMCnetter Marcus McGee(left) chats with Clarence Buskirk of Buskirk-Rush RV.

Clarence Buskirk's stretched GMC was a show-stopper whenever it passed by.

Dick Patterson of Patterson GMC led technical sessions on carburetors and rebuilding the 455 Oldsmobile for use in the GMC Motorhome.

Leigh Harrison demonstrates that it doesn't take both hands to drive a GMC equipped with his suspension modifications.
Lifting the engine cover on Leigh's coach reveals a very sanitary installation including his fuel injection/electronic ignition system and serpentine belt drive.
The throttle plate for Harrison's fuel injection has the same diameter bores as the original Quadrajet carburetor. However, since it doesn't have the spray bars that disturb the Qjet's airflow, it's capable of flowing over 1,100cfm according to Leigh.
An original Oldsmobile manifold is modified to accept the individual port fuel injectors.
Spark energy is provided by four dual output Electromotive coils.
Leigh attributes the stability of his coach to the four air bag modification. His coach also has impressive stopping power. Check out the rotor on the front bogie.

Ken Thoma talks front wheel bearings and CV joints in an afternoon technical session.

1999 GMCMI Rallies
Myrtle Beach, SC March 21 - 28
Forest City, IA September 26 - October 3

For more information on GMC Motorhomes International and upcoming rallies, check GMCMI's web site at

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