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Alcoa has announced a recall on many models of their forged aluminum wheels including the "Classic" and "LTS" models, which are popularly used on the GMC motorhomes. The following is an excerpt from the recall notice:

These wheels produced between September 1993 and June 1996, inclusive may have certain process induced stresses in the forging. This condition may lead to cracks developing over a period of time, depending on the severity of the application,. First indications could be cracks in the bead seat or disc/rim area of the wheel, leading to air loss from the tire. This could possibly progress around the circumference of the tire bead seat and if not heeded, could result in the tire separating from the wheel and a vehicle crash due to loss of vehicle control.

If the tires on your vehicle are losing air and require refilling in order to maintain pressure, stop using the wheels and have them replaced immediately. Call the Alcoa Campaign Center toll free at 1-888-279-3055 for immediate replacement.

In all cases, to correct this condition, Alcoa will replace the subject wheels at no cost to you.

To determine if your wheels are affected, look inside the wheel opposite the valve stem for a roll stamping such as in the picture below:

The date of manufacture follows "MADE IN U.S.A." (0198 or January 1998 in this case) and the "PART NO." (160231 or "Classic" in the picture). If you have Alcoa wheels with manufacture date between September 1993 and June 1996, call the Alcoa Campaign Center toll free number listed above with the part number and manufacture date and the operator will advise you if your wheels are affected.

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