Alcoa Aluminum Wheels

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The Alcoa forged aluminum wheels are probably the most striking upgrade for the GMC. If you order from an established GMC motorhome parts provider, you will not have any problem getting the correct parts. However, should you decide to purchase them locally, you will likely need to overcome misunderstandings over the intended application. Most dealers and distributors will only be familiar with the use of these wheels in "dually" applications. You will basically be purchasing six "front" wheels. I found it usefull to take a photo of a GMC motorhome with me to the dealership.

Buying Your Wheels

Aloca Part No. 160231
The Alcoa "Classic", Part No. 160231 is the only Aloca wheel generally acknowledged as acceptable for use on the GMC motorhome. Aloca also makes an "LTS" model wheel with "spokes", but it has significantly less load rating than the "Classic". Stress to the dealer that you want six 160231 wheels. The dealer or his distributor may try to sell you 160232 wheels for the rear. The difference between the 160231 and 160232 is the latter is polished on the concave side for use on the rear of "dually" trucks.
The center cover is Alcoa Part No. 001611. Note the thin flange around the bottom of the cover. Since the wheels are hub centered, the cover is held on by the washer on the lug nuts. You will see several warnings on the package not to attempt to push the cover through the center hole of the wheel. Be sure to specify six 001611. For "dually" applications, Alcoa sells a rear cover 001612. This cover is approximately 5 inches tall to cover the extended hub on "dually" trucks.
Aloca Part No. 001611

Aloca Part No. 139987
The correct lug nut is Alcoa Part No. 139987. Since the wheel is hub centered, the wheel stud holes are not chamfered and the lug nuts have a free spinning washer on them. Use of non-Alcoa lug nuts will invalidate the wheel warranty.
The lug nut cover is Alcoa Part No. 000190. Aloca calls this their "Hug-a-Lug" cover as it has a spring loaded insert which grips the lug nut.
Aloca Part No. 000190

Mounting Instructions

Parts Diagram

Torque Sequence

  1. Position Alcoa wheel on hub.
  2. Install four Alcoa lug nuts on bottom studs finger tight.
  3. Position center cover against the "face of the wheel"(DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PUSH THROUGH THE REAR OF THE WHEEL), letting the edge of cover rest between the wheel and the chamfered edge of lug nut washer.
  4. Install the remaining four lug nuts.
  5. Follow the torque sequence shown at left. Torque to 140 lb-ft.
  6. Install lug nut covers by pushing on to individual lug nuts.

Spare Considerations

Many GMC owners buy six Alcoa wheels for their coaches, retaining one of the original steel wheels for a spare. If you decide to go this route, remember to retain eight of the original lug nuts as well as a 7/8 inch lug wrench as the Alcoa lug nuts require a 1-1/16 inch lug wrench.

If you buy seven Aloca wheels, buy three additional(total of 51) lug nuts to mount the spare to the carrier.

Bill of Materials

Alcoa Part No.
Including Spare
No Spare
Center Cover
Lug Nut
Lug Nut Cover

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