Buskirk 29' Stretch Conversion

Courtesy of Bethune Sales Company


Clarence Buskirk specialized in stretch conversions of GMC motorhomes. With each conversion, he kept a photo diary of the process which was given to the new owner when the coach was sold. Recently, Buddy Bethune of Bethune Sales Company purchased the coach featured in these photographs and was gracious enough to loan me the album long enough for me to scan the photos for use here. These photographs are valuable for two reasons. First, they display in great detail the construction of the GMC Motorhome and second, they starkly show the difficulty in this sort of conversion process. This is a very difficult and expensive task and should not be taken on lightly.

There are 106 photographs are presented in the same order that they appeared in the album and no effort has been made to retouch them. Approximately 10 photos are displayed per page and the entire set occupies 11 pages.

Note that this material is provided here for general interest and is not intended to be used as an instruction set for performing this conversion. Therefore, we have provided no captions for the individual photographs and we will not answer technical questions regarding them.

Patrick Flowers
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