Switch Panel and CB Mount

Courtesy of Eugene Fisher

A prior owner installed a Citizen Band Radio (CB) that was too visible, hindered the driver and interfered a new fiberglass meter panel. The CB was not working well and the time had come to install pressure gauges for the air bags. Several new switches were needed for the engine exhaust fan, fuel pump primer, TV power, electric vacuum pump, etc. The CB had to go.

The clean place to mount the CB and switches was the driver storage slot. The plastic bucket was removed to provide an excellent opening in the side panel to mount these items. The cutout leaves enough room for the CB and eight large rocker switches similar to the original GMC switches.
The new Oak mounting panel matches the wood detail in the original dash and the wood cabinets of the GMC coach. The accesses to the antenna cable, and power from the front of the coach are excellent from this location. Mounting of the CB and the switches is as easy as cutting a hole in the mounting board and pressing them into position. The oak panel is mounted to the top of the side panel with Velcro tape. This mounting is convenient since removing the switch panel for modification is very easy and the attachment is secure.

I installed four switches with room for four more in the future. The result is very clean, easy to reach and matches the original GMC features.


Red Oak panel 3 inch X 18 inch X 3/16 inch
GC Switches 35-3610 Snap-in Appliance Rocker
Uniden CB Radio
6 inches 1 inch wide Velcro™

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